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I dont know about anyone else but I AM sticking with GTA:MTA

Guest SilentChill

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I been browsing the boards and been following the development of MTA since its very 1st release but never felt the need to post.

After trying the first release I was amazed and impressed with what these guys have achieved, GTA3 is the best game I ever played the reason why I bought a PS2 and for it to come to PC and then for someone to make a multiplayer mod were my dreams come true.

The 1st release was cool over LAN with me and a mate driving round like idiots it was just so original and enjoyable. What they say they are going to release in the next version is sounding real good an d I cannot wait for the release.

I ahve been over and downloaded the MOD from the guys at GOE but I im pretty sure the next release of MTA will beat those guys. For sure you can see each other as Peds but you float around and nothing is synced and you cant see each othe hitting one another, the cars when you are racing each other seem to be floating and sliding all over the place with results which made me think "WTF".

Anyway im pissed and hope this makes sense but I wont be bothering much with the other MOD I will be waiting for MTA 0.3 to be released as it sounds like alot more has gone into it and it will kick the ass of the other n00b MOD.

There is alot more to say but I aint gonna carry on cause it aint my style :)

For the guys at GTA3:MTA keep up the good work you are making 1 GTA3 fan very very happy and if you need any for testing over LAN dont hesitate to contact me I would be very willing to help.

Peace out dudes and I cant wait for the next release keep up the excellent work :D


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For now im still a bigger fan of MTA, i mean the work being done on MTA is excellent. but but until .03, there is no way im gonna play .02 anymore, im just going to play the GOE version, because: its more stable, has out of car support, and has up to 32 players. but as soon as MTA.03 comes out, its all about MTA, the next version will completely OWN ggm.

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lol im mta all the way! yeah baby yeah, I havn't try ed the other, and I dont think I will, just because I want to say"yeah, wehn we found out about the other one I wasn't all like "yeah this is good but mta will beat it " I was always like mta IS beating it, yeah! :)"

sorry.. I just had to say that :)

(mta forever!)

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There's no need to take sides - both are good steps towards making GTA3 what it was supposed to be and have their own benefits. They both compliment each other by creating competition, and they both have features that the other doesn't. Who says they can't work hand in hand? Be happy that both are aiming to achieve the same goal - stop putting each other down.

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yes, we gamers are a fickle lot, jumping between mods, dumping older games for newer ones with slightly better graphics (if you buy a way better system)

Me, I'm going where the gaming is. if .3b sucks (im pretty damn sure it won't), then ggm it is. but i doubt it very much.

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