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Help with the Objects..

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Well i see people creating maps and i wonder cause i see some objects i never Saw on GTA:SA - SAMP....

I can create my own too ? Or what ? :/

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so what i must to to in order to add something diffrent objects ?

i mean something like a ground ... Put it on the see and make a village on it ... you undertand : )

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first need to get a 3D modeling programm (like 3ds max) and learn 3d modeling (which is not easy).

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any link to download this thingy ? :P

you mean 3ds max? have to buy it, it's only 5000€. :)

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Then what ?

I mean when i finish with a Building i want , whats the next step to add it , so i can use it on MTA : p

forget about sketchup .. i forgot that you need the pro version which is not free and also 3ds max to be able to export the models in the right format.

try zmodeler :P

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Texture modding for objects.

This is a tutorial to change a billboard skin.

This is a bit hard for peoples who have no texture modding skills. :sleepy:

Click on the bold words for the pictures of it.

First of all you need this.

===> MTA 1.0.3 or lower (MTA Site)

===> G-TXD

===> G-IMG

===> MTA Script Editor


MTA Script Editor installation

Download 0.2a

Extract it in a folder.


Place the files of into the folder of 0.2a

Note: G-IMG will not work when you're using MTA or GTA.

Note: G-TXD and G-IMG are not working well on Windows Vista/7, how to fix this is explained in the manual.


I will mod this object:

billboard ID: 7910

The Billboard

The ID of the billboard I(you) will use is 7910

The original name is vgwestbillbrd11

Remember, the skin of the object, the text is Strain hard.


Place the object into a map and save it.

Remember the name of the map.

Close your GTA SA or MTA.

Open G-IMG (G-IMG.exe)


Windows Vista/7 fix + Windows rights needed Export all files in the G-IMG.rar into a folder.

Click with the right mouse button on G-TXD.exe, click on Properties.

Click Compatibility, check the Compatibilitymode.

Choose Windows XP (Service pack 3)

Click on OK.


Click above: File.

Click Open.

Search for your GTA SA textures file(X:Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/models/gta3.img)

This is the database of all textures in GTA SA, not MTA.

Search your object: Type; vgwestbillbrd11

You'll see a vgwestbillbrd11.dff

Scroll a bit down till the .txd files.

You need to go threw all those .txd's + images inserted to find the same texture.

This time you see it it vgnretail3.txd with the name prolaps02

Right click on vgnretail3.txd, click on extract.

Choose your place to copy the file, recommend: Desktop

Close G-IMG.

Open G-TXD.


Windows Vista/7 fix + Windows rights needed Same way as G-IMG.


Start G-TXD

Click above on File, click open, search for your saved .txd file, the vgnretail3.txd file.

-Hold this window.

Creating texture.

The size of this texture image is 256x128, so you need to create an image of this size.

I know.. It's small.

Open a draw/art/image program, something like,Paint,GIMP.

Start an image of 256x128 pixels.

Don't use images with invisibilities/alphas

I've created this.

Go back to G-TXD.

You've already opened vgnretail3.txd.

You see a long list with images.

Remove all images except prolaps02, the image you're (maybe) trying to edit.

Click with the right mouse button on prolaps02.

Click on replace, click here.

Search your own created image.

Click on Done, click on Ok.

Save the file.

The texture is now replaced in the texture file.

Now the hard part: Placing it in MTA.

Place the texture file into the resource folder of your map.

X:/Program Files/MTA San Andreas 1.0/server/mods/deathmatch/resources/

When you've placed it there; open meta.xml, you'll see this or something else:





Start MTA Script Editor(Script Editor.exe)

Open your map by clicking on your map with the billboard.

You see a folder called "Server".

With in side your .map file.

Follow this little image.

Copy and paste the quoted text into the Script Editor:


addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', getRootElement(),


objectSkin = engineLoadTXD( '' );

engineImportTXD( objectSkin, );



We know the ID and texture name.


addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', getRootElement(),


objectSkin = engineLoadTXD( 'vgnretail3.txd' );

engineImportTXD( objectSkin, 7910 );



Save the file.

Now you can test your own billboard or this billboard.

Open your map, test it and there you have it, your own new billboard.

this is not my tut but i copy'd it from a tut from jockie

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I followed steps but i didnt make it to the scripting part.. plz help.

I reached the meta.xml part and finished it but dont know how to get the codes in the script editor, i cant open the .map file in script editor

HELP would be appreciated

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