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[REL][GM] Attack & Defend 1.0.5

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and you're using the admin resource that I posted right? Not the default one?

If I had a linux server handy id test it but afaik, it works for strika on his debian linux, so I have no idea why its not working for you. I would just delete everything and reinstall the server once more, I'm pretty sure that will fix your problem. I'm sure you can ask Delux for a clean install.

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When weapon id's are changed (basefirstweapons,second etc.) it gets bugged >.<, doesn't matter if you do it in-game or through meta.xml, you can't see the weapons on the menu (you can see a few but they're bugged and all you can see is just an id or a bracket..). Ill post a screenshot later. It turned out not to be a server problem as I thought before. It doesn't happen on windows however..

I'm using 1.0.5

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Then you're just editing the meta wrong (or ingame) or your linux server just isnt properly installed/configured. The mode itself works perfectly, I've talked to clans using it under linux, they changed everything, no problem.

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