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Stolen case


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This is a call to the entire international computer community!

A case was stolen on the ELP Lan party in Lokeren Belgium. Together with this was a TFT screen, a TV and a printer stolen

This is the case:


If you have a lead on where it might be, give me a call and i report it further

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Someone stole a case that I was working on only days before it was done. It had an AMD logo on the side, didn't have the lighting installed or the processor in, but had everything else installed. Ripped off within a 20 minute time period. In this town I can expect never to see it back.

So I made another one. It is almost done, too. ....

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I hate to say it but the RIG is gone...It was most likely stripped for parts with 24hrs. I had a Killer Custom case with a Chaos Cross cutout, red neon backlit & handpainted Wolf on the front face plate. The 2nd LAN party I brought it to, I vanished in less then 1/2hr. That was over 2 years ago and I never found out who took or how they got it out.

I did find out what happened to the front face plate. About a year later I was looking through a German PC rag and saw it in a photo from some big LAN party over there. It was a long way from home. (home being Los Angeles).

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They make whistling sounds and eat your neighborhood's assortment of dogs and other miscellaneous loud animals.

I guess its not so much the case, as what the case looks like, and (in a windowed case) what is inside... I love to mod myself, and being on a super strict budget leaves little for me to imagine when doing so, so... I just got done with my second casemod from a cheapo Aopen case, the first one being stolen, now watch... this one'll be stolen...

I am set up for a 60 man lan in seattle this weekend, gonna own up :)

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