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Error 9 - Subscript out of Range

Guest thatsquality

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Everything runs fine until I enter my first car, when I do this the gta3mta program crashes with an erro9: Subscript out of range error message. Any help with this would be awesome.


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That's why we're waiting for 0.3a! It has been said by IJsVogel that it might be out in as little as 2 weeks!

Ofcourse, it can take longer/shorter, but as long as it'll be released eventually, heh.

Btw, does ne1 know if GGM is actually still in the process of being improved upon?

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Yeah I noticed, heh. Thought I'd better check the GGM site before I opened my big mouth. Didn't realise that when I was at their site last time they had just restarted back up... So at that time the forum was dead as, but now seems to be alive again.

Yet another forum for me to check on. That makes 4 in total now, lol. :)

(2 GTA3 multiplayer, 2 other :) )

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Hi all, i'm new here, i wanna know GGM Web Site, because I have, like u, a problem with the error 9!!!! What a pitty! All's ok until u enter ya first car!

I hope the version 0.3b will be released soon!

Can u answer me pls, i wanna know GGM website!

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Is there any known fix to stop the error nine. Do both people have to get in the cars at the same exact time, or one before the other, there has to be something that I am not doing right here.

We both get in the first car, then i get that error nine and mta02 crashes, but the game still runs.

And where can i find update for gta3 to 1.3, or whatever is the newest.

I just wanna know cause im going to that lan tomorrow and want to get a multiplay game going...


joe hayhoe

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The 'Subscript out of range' Error might be caused because you are trying to sync (press F12) when you are too far away from each other. Use the 'hideout warp' function to both get to the same location instantly and then sync up. Another error might be caused because player1 is in a Banshee, but you (player2) see him driving a Linerunner, for example. Try to keep the models the same, too. (you could use the garage editor from Ultimate Trainer to get the required cars into your garage) Anyways, mta0.2 is good if you're really curious about it, but i suggest waiting for 0.3 will give you a far better impression about Multi Theft Auto. Or you could try the ggm mod meanwhile.

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