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NosGoth's MTA screenshots

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Since I make so many screenshots ingame, I decided to open up my own topic. From now own I'll post al my screenies in this topic. :P

To start out I made some screens of myself while doing a nice 18 car jump. I also made an movie but it didn't worked out the way I planned it, so u have to do it with the screens. :wink:

Here I am in the hunter after setting up the stunt.


Time to do some daredevil moto-crossing.... 8)








And that's about it. Please tell me if you people out there are able to see my screens, cause I am still a bit of a n00b. :roll:

Well I keep you update everytime I get some more nice screenies... :lol:

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Alrighty time for some update... This time I am going to drive down the fences in the bloodring. Don't think you guys ever saw that before now did you? :P8)

Here it goes in my awesome Subaru sport-car.






Ow and about the size of the pics: I always play in 1280 X 1024 res and everything at it's highest settings. Sorry the screens get so big. :roll:

edit: Here is a screenie of a friend of mine being in my tuned car. I think I already posted it somewhere else but what the heck...


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As stated before I hate the stupid ass shit... :evil: The only reason I have that trainer stuff is to make screenshots. Just like Umbert0 noticed. I am thinking 'bout getting myself a screenshots programm (like swaps or whatever it is called) but up untill now I made my screens like this. And Umbert0 as you may know you can choose what kind of "cheats" are enabled ingame. The only "cheat" I have box-checked is the screenshot box. :roll:

As for the editing. I replaced my cheetah skin with a Mitsubitshi skin and my Infernus with a Subaru. I never caused anyone trouble and I don't think it ever will, since the skins are only on my computer and not on anybody else's. :?:

I'll get a screenshot programm right now so I can stop making screens the old fashioned way. :(

Edit: Okay I got myself a great screenshot programm. Now I am finally done using the trainer shit. I am sorry for the anger I brought up in people. :oops: (So ashamed)

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Yes, I know just fine how to change the size. Maybe I sound like a bit of a n00b but in fact I'm more experienced with stuff like this then you could ever imagine. :P

I just love to show off with my great resolutions. 8)

But from now on I'll resize the screens a bit. :(

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As stated before I hate the stupid ass shit... :evil: The only reason I have that trainer stuff is to make screenshots.

Then, how do you explain the fast walking trick we caught you doing?

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