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Banning Users: *Cheaters


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Well lately I have been looking for some cheaters. *They are annoying.* Anyways, I only have 2 right at the moment. I will post the little chat I had with them. *sry for the cussing.* :I also have a suguestion for mta:o.2: (could you get a option so u can right click on the persons name in the client and get the IP so u can report peoples IP? rather then just the name because then u can actually ban the person on all names. *just so they can't cheat the system* just a option?) :shock:

List: *the cheaters are posted at the end of convo. :roll:

August 09, 2003:



JoKeR: Stop you fag

JoKeR killed Ricoz.

Ricoz killed Shadow.

blacknite has joined the game.

weeed has joined the game.

weeed killed LBtrw.

LBtrw killed JoKeR.

JoKeR: Yall are so gay

Ricoz has left the game.

Turboe has joined the game.

weeed has left the game.

mike killed Turboe.

Turboe killed himself.

Turboe: wanna see something cool?

Turboe: watch this

LBtrw killed Turboe.

JoKeR has left the game.

LBtrw: TurBoe has cheats

LBtrw: cars are tweaked

LBtrw: u motherfucker

Turboe: its called shitty coding

Turboe: i just so happen to like flying cars

Turboe killed himself.

LBtrw: u cheat

LBtrw: u have tweaked cars.

Turboe: youre an idiot

Turboe: im not here to kill you.

Turboe: im here to amuse myself

LBtrw: yes by making everyone else crash

Turboe killed himself.

Turboe: once again, youre an idiot.

mr. die has joined the game.

LBtrw: y ty.. I will be reporting u

mr. die: HI

LBtrw: just letting u know

mr. die: hi

Turboe: youre very stupid

Turboe: who will you report me to

LBtrw: k thats nice 2 know.

Turboe: the admin?

LBtrw: the devs and hopefully have u banned :)

Turboe: the game developers?

Turboe: what makes you think they dont know about this?

mr. die: hi

Turboe: youre very stupid

LBtrw: u shoulding be using tweaked cars asshole ur causing people to crash

mr. die killed Turboe.

Turboe: im having my fun, you go have yours.

Turboe: im not interfering with you.

Turboe killed himself.

mr. die: what are we doing?

mr. die: DM? RP? Race? Stunt.?

Turboe killed himself.

Turboe killed himself.

mr. die: wanna do races?

Turboe killed himself.

Turboe killed himself.

mr. die: who wants to do RP?

Turboe: whats RP

mr. die: roleplay

Turboe: ok, ill be a UFO

mr. die: PPL RP in AHL TFC

mr. die: treg

mr. die: thats a pretty unuseual role..

mr. die: but okay..

Turboe: yea goto the malibu club, youll see

mr. die: theres 2 types of RP

mr. die: normal and Advanced

mr. die: normal is no mayors no real estate ETC

Disconnected: Client disconnected.


**Cheater Is: Turboe**

Info: He had tweaked car settings. *Really Fast*


August 10, 2003:



Conman: lol

Q-Trax timed out.

has joined the game.

timed out.

Peacemkr2 killed Conman.

Q-Trax has joined the game.

HITMAN: anyone positive there isnt a mini gun

Peacemkr2 killed himself.

Peacemkr2: oops

Conman has left the game.

DJDC: who is in hunter?

Ewik: me

DJDC: die

Ewik: lol

Ewik: sure

DJDC: heh

Peacemkr2: well, im out

Peacemkr2: cya everyone

Ewik: cu

LBtrw: bye

vedran has joined the game.

Peacemkr2 has left the game.

vedran timed out.

HITMAN has left the game.

cj: rt

cj: fags

DJDC: hi

Ewik: hey

cj: hi

F has joined the game.

F timed out.

cj: hello ihave a puestion

F has joined the game.

Sungo has joined the game.

Bengerman has joined the game.

Bengerman: hi

cj: hi

Bengerman killed DJDC.

Sungo timed out.

cj: ihave a question

cj: hello

cj: fuck

FranK has joined the game.

cj: WHO IS THE LOVE Fist guy

Bengerman: y doesnt anybody move ever

F: soo how does 1 actually play?

Bengerman: y dont nebody every move?

FranK: anyone for a race?

Ewik: i was the love fist guy

Bengerman: yea

F has left the game.

cj killed LBtrw.

FranK: race from mall to army base..

Q-Trax has left the game.

cj: lbtr

FranK: starting grid at north of the mall

Bengerman: 2 secs

FranK: im in comet

cj killed LBtrw.

LBtrw: thats bullshit

yulian has joined the game.

cj: i know

yulian has left the game.

cj killed LBtrw.

LBtrw: no way inhell

FranK: im ready at starting grid, north of mall

LBtrw: ud be dead

cj: fag

LBtrw: kill me

FranK: whos doing the race?

Ewik has left the game.

FranK: nobody for a race?

Bengerman: im on angel D

cj: now what

FranK: benger ur doing the race?

Bengerman: yeh ware we meetin?

FranK: north of mall

FranK: im in comet waiting there

Bengerman: actually ill race soon can i have time

Bengerman: 2 explore

FranK: ehh ok

FranK: u can just follow me on map

Bengerman: k

cj: cheater nedtr

FranK: because ull loose with an angel xD

cj: you have atrainer on

LBtrw: u do

cj: yep

FranK: u coming to north of mall benger?

cj killed LBtrw.

LBtrw: ur a cheater

Bengerman: l8r

LBtrw: u never die

cj: haha

SLOB A PISS has joined the game.

SLOB A PISS has left the game.

FranK: trainers make crash the game too..

LBtrw: let me kill u

LBtrw: if ur not using a trainer

collin has joined the game.

LBtrw: let me kill u

LBtrw: or I will report u

cj: ok

LBtrw: for cheating and have u banned hehe

FranK: r u coming benger?

LBtrw: ?

LBtrw: k fine ur being reported for using a cheat

wakeboarder has joined the game.

LBtrw: have a nice day

cj has left the game.

Bengerman: u in yellow comet?

LBtrw: see I told u he cheated

FranK: yeah

Bengerman: im in front of u

LBtrw: he left because I was gonna report him

FranK: what did u say benger?

Bengerman: i sed u in yellow comet?

collin: clayton i won't let me in vc

FranK: yes in comet but i dont see u

Bengerman: im in cheetah

Disconnected: Client disconnected.


**Cheater Is: cj**

Info: I did pause the game to piss him off the 3rd time he killed me.


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The servers log IP's, and the username they go with, so all you need to do is come to the irc channel and report them to me or cray (if you use the official servers) One of us will investigate and take any action we deem necessary.

p.s. A server ban is already on IP, not name.

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It was already mentioned by IJSVOGEL, something about banning ip addresses of these people. When will they start to ban people. But there should be a way to make SURE they are cheating before you ba them, cause some ass falsely acused me before. Then I ended up being banned from the server for a day. The ass who accuseed me was actually the one with the trainer, but made it impossible for me to argue since he must have been copy pasting his statement that i was cheating over and over again.

Would someone from the MTA TEAM plz clarify if there will be an anti-trainer in the patch!!

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Cheaters, Don't get me started! I must admit i have been accusing people of cheating becasue I couldn't kill them. I found this to be my falt on some accasions.

Now there was this Guy called Vash, he followed me all the way around vice untill we got to the beach. All of a sudden i slammed on the breaks and he kept going, to my ammasement he was driving on water!! I told everyone and they had said he had been 'too' hard to kill and someone told me later he had some wepons that wern't even in 0.1. I confronted him but he had a friendon the server and it turned into a flame war.

I caught him cheating again on a MTA server.

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what about changing ips, i don't have the same ip all the time ... so if i was banned ... i could restart my modem and if i was lucky my ip would already be diferent ...

Yep...same here, well actually, I got a program I use to set my IP, so I can change it whenever I feel like it.

As for cheaters, well, I cheat here and there, but thats only on my own server, and I let others know, so we kinda screw around and have fun then just killing each other to death. :) But since 0.2 came out, well, that kinda things, but doesnt matter to me. :-/

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The problem is that names can be changed, and some people use the same names as others (for example, I've seen 2 people with the name 'me'. If one of them was banned, I'd be banned too), so simply listing names doesn't help much :(

where's that votekick? :)

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