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Connection problem anyone have any suggestions(read article)

Guest weisdude

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hi i have an ntl broadband connection linked up to a hub.

i have 2 computers with gta vice city and muli theft auto.

Every time i try to connect them to the same multi theft auto server only one can connect because they both have the same ip. Does anyone know how to get round this?PLZ help!!!

SIGNED Weisdude

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it's a D-Link wireless router , i have been told that i could do this by sending one of the computers through a proxy server anyone know any good free proxy servers?

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  • MTA Team

i doubt a proxy is going to help. My ISP makes me go trough a proxy but i still connect with my own IP. There is no possibility to connect to the net with two PC's and one IP.

The whole idea of the ip adressess is so that a server knows where to send data to.

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