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ASE/GTA MTA3b .. lack of players etc


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I know I'm new to the forums and I shouldn't bitch about the lack of players on the servers offered in ASE etc etc.. but it kind of sucks. I've discovered MTA about 3 days ago and since then have enjoyed this creation. My question is, why does it take people FOURTY YEARS or so to figure out how to work MTA to play online while it took me an hour?

- Half the time we get 4 people in a server featured in ASE, 3 of those people will leave (the lovely quit message floods the server screen). Why? n00bs give up and exit without giving someone else a chance to explain to them how to get the game going.

- I've heard the rants that the reason for the lack of servers and players is due to the instability of the latest release (although I like it). Even still, is there ANY server not made public on ASE where more than 5-10 peeps play without disconnecting? By this ofcourse I'm implying advanced users of MTA who know how to operate the prog. I've stopped by #mta-servers a few times but the only GTA3 server listed is the one I see on ASE all the time. Unfortunately, it's empty half the time.

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i managed to join one game that worked fine on ase (the other times itried all the players were either frozen, or just caught in that lag loop thing whatever its called), although personally i don't like the idea of having to pay for a product to find servers for a free mod, i'd like to see a server list like in gtat, but it feels like everyones abandoned gta3 for vice city for mp. don't get me wrong, i think mta is great! i'm impressed with whats been done so far, i don't have vice city as gta3 only just runs and i doubt vice city would run on my computer :( can't afford a graphics card just for one game :P, although its very tempting as the screenshots look great of the upcoming one, (any screen shots of gta3 mta coming?)

i'm sure my comment had nothing to do with anything, just felt like posting it after reading yours :P

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Which is why I'm trying to gather loyal gta3 peeps who would like to play via MTA. Ofcourse you'd have to know how to run the damn application, like I said, most people have a hard time. It becomes real fun with at least 6 people on the server who play for racing, stunts, and the car chases. A little bumping into each others cars is ok as well. Although most of the time, they get out of the car and i end up fraggin' them doing a drive-by. I can't wait for the newest release of MTA for GTA3.

- GTA3 isn't completely dead. If you'd like to contact me, we can start rounding up people who would like to play on a dedicated server.

- ASE .. bleh it seems lame for the lack of servers but I guess like some people on the forums said, it's due to the lack of stability of the early developments of the multiplayer mod. Give it time. As far as paying.. heh what's that? I've payed 0 for all my shareware including my game :|

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i would be interested, but i can't get broadband until winter here, and i'm sure many people will insist any problems i get is because i have a useless internet connection, but i got someone to test mta just 2 players over the internet both of us used dial up and it seemed to be fine.

personally i think we need to wait until (if ever) 0.35 is out, (btw, i have noticed my isp seems to have good dial up speeds, i know 5k/s dl is bad for broadband, but most isp's here seem to have average dl's of 3.3/3.8k/s whilst with mine usually around 5, just curious if anyone tried this on dial up what speeds they usually get and if its laggy for them or not?)

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another question, if anyone reads this (i'm sure this should be in a new thread or something but nevermind) and uses dial up, have you noticed that some isp's don't like to work with others, i used to play age of empires 2 with people i know, and it usually worked fine, although often laggy with freeserve (i'm in the uk) and always had ping timeouts with people on aol, however people who play people who both have aol seem to have no problem, etc, even BT was smooth compared to freeserve.

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In regards to your first post, I have no problem with you being a dial up player. I'll take anyone! as long as they're not n00bs to mta and know how to function the software properly. I just want to gather a good crowd who wants to play on the servers with at least 6-7 others. (This is a tough feat, I know).

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i'm glad that everyone posts useful replies on these things :)

(and yes thats a highly sarcastic comment)

but to me vice city is just gta 3 with a few extra features, if vice city was out first everyone would be saying vice city sucks because gta liberty city would have these new features like chainsaws and helicopters

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i am tired of not finding anyone on ASE also. i am the owner of a (currently one member) gang called the <<>> or Liberty City Snipers. whtever enough of that. you can contact me on my icq whitch the number is 190832628. Unfortunatly i don't have VC or a fast connection but if you ould still like to play sometime that would be great. By the way ppl may not know me and call me a NOOB! but i just thought to let you know that i installed MTA within 10 min. well off to bed. see ya later. tomorrow i'm out of schol at 4:00pm but thursday at 2:25pm it alternaes the same times every other day so ayou can contacyt me anytime.

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