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[HELP] MTA-MySQL Question


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In php i have done this code:

$sql="SELECT * FROM user_table WHERE username='$user' and password='$pass'";

Would it look like this in mta scripting:

local user = "tom"
local pass = "pass"
local result = mysql_query(connectionhandler, "SELECT * FROM user_table WHERE username='user' and password='pass')

If anyone can confirm or help me on this, i would benefit from this alot. :)

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IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended to call mysql_free_result after a query,

specially if it returns some data. Query results can be automatically deleted

by the lua garbage collector, so if you forget to free a result it will be

freed at some time in the future, but it doesn't know the real result data size

in memory so it can delay the memory destroying more than it should.

Read more about mysql_query on wiki:

http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Modules/MTA- ... ysql_query

local user = "tom"
local pass = "pass"
-- you need to escape all data given by players, read about SQL Injection on google
user = mysql_escape_string(connectionhandler, user)
pass = mysql_escape_string(connectionhandler, pass)
local result = mysql_query(connectionhandler, "SELECT * FROM user_table WHERE username='"..user.."' and password='"..pass.."'")

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