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Issue: System "overclocking" my session



Okay, so I just recently installed this after a friend coaxed me into trying out MTA. Now it's no secret to me that my computer's processing power is too much for this game, making it play WAY too fast, so I'm forced to divert affinity to simply one core. However, this issue seems to be carrying over into the MTA multiplayer sessions. People actually think I'm cheating or speedhacking it's so bad, and attempting to play the game is nothing short of disasterous.

The main issue is that I cannot reach the core affinity settings on this process(and just this process,) because it tells me straight up that "Access is denied," whereas I am indeed an administrator on my own machine, and can do this with ANY OTHER PROCESS. Were it not for this issue, I wouldn't have even posted. Does anyone have an idea how I might be able to slow this train down?

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