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[MTA] Old maps


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hello... I am scripting own car DD/DM gamemode... that is without problems, slow, but fine... but I need some maps. I remember, that few years ago were many maps uploaded on MTA site. But now there is nothing. Had someone downloaded the maps, and still has it on pc? It was free, so I hope there isn't any problem with authors. And i saw those maps on many DD servers, so server owners must have it too... if you have any map, please send it here or at drifter@pawnobox.net ... I will be really grateful. If you send me more maps, we could talk about admin level on my server.

Sorry, but i don't know any other way to get those maps.


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Some of the popular DD/DM server have them, but they dont want to share, because they want to keep the good reputation.

and you dont download the .map, just the client resource, so you cant have theme in this way, but normally in other game like counter strike you can download the map and use it.

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