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why kill when you can


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neither am i.. yes i gotta agree guys with trainers suck, seems to me all they do is sit at spawn points and shoot you right away. I mean, i have no chance of escaping cuz theres two guys with a trainer just blowing me away with guns that arent even in MTA.. ARGH :shock:

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its kinda funny having a guy with a trainer with you tho... cuz like if you act friendly with them they can teleport that ramp truck into odd places so you can do sick-ass jumps

dont encourage them you bastard. I say drop a nuke on all their houses but that will never go through. But I think it may be possible to give them a virus that lights there computer on fire engulfing them in flames and ultimatly burning them to ashes.

I will take this time to start a petition, Please say I if you support the whole burning to ashes thing.

With enough sigs the devs will have to go through with my ingenious plan.


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people join the army because they have 0 education and if they do have education they are indeed serving our country. But when i think army i think bums you couldnt graduate high school and had to join it. Plus if you graduated with flying colors you would be aimed at air force not the army. Sorry but I have this instinctfull idea that the army = braindead bums, but now all of you army men will flame me but go ahead.

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