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How do I create pickups in the map editor?


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This was actually called Race Pickups

To make Race pickups, it's easy. I'll learn you step by step.

1. Open map editor

2. Start a new map or load a map.

3. First, click definitions like this pic --> definitions.png

4. Click race and move to the right.

5. After that, move your cursors to one of these buttons -->marker.pngobjectq.pngpickup.pngvehicle.png

6. If you have pointed to one of these icons don't press, just scroll. You'll see the "RACE" word and different EDF (Editor Definition Format).

7. Now click this button -->nitro.png

8. Now you created a pickup. If you want to edit whether it's nitro, repair, or vehicle change, just press F3 (note that the objects that you see is trash bin, you don't need to worry about that. It's just the streamer's problem.)

You will also learn that there is 2 other icons, spawnpoint.png and checkpoint.png

The motorcycle icon is the spawnpoint. You can change vehicles by pressing F3 and choose vehicle ID.

The checkpoint icon is used for checkpoints and finish line. You can change size and color by pressing F3. If you don't put checkpoints then it's a DD map.

Just to tell you pickups is different than Race pickups.

These are normal pickups as you can use it for weapon, health, armor. It's this icon -->pickup.png

Great, I think this helps you much. Now go and make Race Maps!

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Ok but now. Whenever i put it down and do a spawnpoint it's not there when i test it?

see? The powerup and spawn are there in editor mode:

mta-screen2010-03-1923-34-29.png?t=1269059861Infernus spawn i did with the bike icon.

The nitro pickup:


And this is what it looks like in test mode:

mta-screen2010-03-1923-34-08.png?t=1269059932There's nothing there wtf?

So what do i do? i thought I was supposed to spawn IN the vehicle? lol help!

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Actually, you did it right already.

but, that spawnpoints is used ONLY if you are playing race gamemode, and if you're testing it, it's not playing race gamemode. Just freeroam.

So if you wanted to test it, you have to play race gamemode first and then write "votemap (your map name)" without quotes.

so here's the way:

First, save your map and name it.

after you save it, go to console (F8) and do these:

login console

stop editor

start mapmanager

start votemanager

start race

votemap (your map name)

and you can go back to the editor by writing this:

stop race

stop votemanager

stop mapmanager

start editor

Then you'll be playing your map with the same way, spawnpoints, pickups, and checkpoints.

Btw, you must be from MTA Race right? It's different from the past you know.

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And I have another problem -.-'

I tried to put down a nitro pickup and i ended up with a plate of burgers xD



Is that the streamers problem too?

And when i try to do "stop editor" in the console it says access denied for "stop"


why is it rejecting me? :'( lol

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That plate of burgers is just a bug and still okay when used in race.

Well, you have to try this first:

Press F8

login console

Here's the ACL edit for you: (Oh yeah please remove your nick color code first)


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Hold on

Whenever i do register it said nothing. I was like ok. Then I did login then it said no known account for lnd doom

I have a question i have made a map with map editor and it's a dm map. But i wont to test it with pickups, vehicle changest etc. Now i tried to login to console pressing F8 but it says no account known and then my account name. How do i login to console to start mapmanager, start race etc. to try out my dm map?

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ooh LOL i get it go to mtaserver.conf and almost down u see this line (u can also do ctrl+f)

put under that line this

then go to acl.xml

and change admin to this

change nickname to yourr nickname

now u do in chat /register username password

restart server and login now ur admin and u can acces stop

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