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Who hates HighMR

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I dunno, a lot of people in the other gangs are getting pretty into it too.

I think instead of whining and bickering like a bunch of fucking 4 year olds, someone should just be a man and choose to let all this shit go, and I promise it'll all stop. It doesn't hurt when someone calls you a pussy online, fighting over games and shit is just stupid and cowardly. Let that be a lesson to all of you.

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Yes, you all don't know me and so forth. BUT :oops: I have been keeping up with forums ever since I discovered MTA. Read High's posts etc etc. Yes, it seems as if he takes the game too seriously, yes he's profane and so on. But how can you hate the guy? heh, if it wasn't for him, some of you couldn't sit back and laugh at the comical relief he provides with his seriousness for each post.

- On the other hand peeps, just remember that it's a game and for some people, competitive spirit thrives within each and everyone of us.

- My 2 cents? DrHigh is 14 and just learned the word 'fucking' and 'cock'. Maybe with his young age, he thinks this is real. So let him.

- My penny for your thoughts - reply 8)

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  • MTA Team

when people are showing no respect on the foum, they'll be punished

when people keep posting lame messages at all time, they'll be punished

when people don't listen to warnings of me or the moderators, they'll be punished

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