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RCG Problem



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look the rcg topic, but the real solution is to start the map editor in your MTA server.exe

just type in the black screen of the server

type : start editor

type : start rcg16 or rcg (depend of your version of rcg)

when you type start is a command to start a resource , type start (here the name of your resource)

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When I press on the control point buttong rcg the only thing I get is a GUI. window What to do? Can anyone explain it to me, please?

Starting it from the map editor causes bugs..

Yeah, ill tell you the steps to get it working.

First open MTA Server.exe from the mta directory.

Then type "Stop Play" or what your mode is.

Then type "start Editor"

Then Type "Start rcg"

Afterthat, join your server from the server browser and everything should work :mrgreen:

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