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how put resource superman only for admins?? i dont know!


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Ok... my problem is that i want put resources only for admins (like; superman, sacheat etc...) but i dont know how do it.

I have tried in ACL but i have created an account as normal player for try if normal players can use superman and yes, they can....

Thanks for the help! :)

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Ok i tried to put;

<object name="resource.superman" />

on the ACL admin's zone... so:

<group name="Admin">
       <acl name="Moderator" />
       <acl name="SuperModerator" />
       <acl name="Admin" />
       <acl name="RPC" />
       <object name="resource.superman" />
       <object name="resource.superweapons" />
       <object name="resource.freeroam" />
       <object name="resource.admin" />
       <object name="user.HITMANzz" />

but the resources; superman and weapons runs for all players.

i have also tried to put:

<right name="function.superman" access="false" />

for Default players, moderators and supermoderators


<right name="function.superman" access="true" />

for admins players

But it hasnt effects on the rights of the players

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