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vice city


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i need help again on vice city.ok ive just done all the missions for the money printer.now i dont know where to go to do more missions.and i dont care about the payphone missions.so plz replie to this

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there is only one. you have to drive around and make 50 "icecream" sale in a row. the PolePosition you just go to the stripper in the room on the left. every 5 seconds I think it deducts 5 dollors from your total. oce you spent 600 dollors it unlocks that asset and you can grab 4K from it a day.

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yes i just beat gta3 i really like the ending but on vice city im the mission called keep ur friends close.its hard i get to the part where lance and the other pricks ar at the bottom of the stairs and tommy says u wasted 15 years of my life(or something like that)

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