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Bear in mind that you tend to get what you pay for.

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serverffs is very popular,

i dont get server there but i was in their panel and its nice, you can create MySQL database for your game data (this is NOT a standard), create ftps, well, a lot of things :)

and their support is very nice, and they dont treat you like a lame (if you dont ask lame questions :P)..

anyway i preffer unmanaged VPS on Debian (cheaper and better, but requires a lot of knowledge) :mrgreen:

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I wouldn't consider the support at ServerFFS any good. Specifically if someone's had a bad day and now expresses it on the costumers asking for support or is just being full of sarcasm. Also the servers there seem to really have some problems, for example a Netherlands unmanaged VPS can't stay up for more than 3-4 days straight due to hardware failures about which the customer receives no notice until he starts bothering the support enough for it to catch Wouter's attention.

The server start/stop/restart command panel can be replaced easily using PuTTY or your ownmade small PHP script to run the SSH commands. The file manager can be replaced by a FTP client which brings more functionality. You can see your server CPU/mem usage using ps ux. FTP accounts, MySQL users and databases can easily be made in your (often free) control panel.

ServerFFS also used to have some kind of a "service level agreement" thing. A €120 subscription even got the orderer free scripting support and an hour for answering help tickets. Regularly I had to wait 48-72 hours for my ticket to get answered. When my server was down due to the often long-lasting hardware failures or some kind of "transfers" then the support started ignoring mine and my friend's live support requests.

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