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Annoying movement in MTA


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I know most players use WASD to control their game however other players like myself have developed another style of play using the arrow keys. I don't use three fingers to control the movement of the player I use one finger and a big part of my playing style is being able to press forward and backward at the same time however in MTA this just seems to stop the player dead which is really annoying. Unfortunately changing the controls is just not an option for me I have played San Andreas this way for quite some time and it is a important part of my playing style. I tried to see if there was a way it could work but nothing seems to work right which makes MTA not worth playing for me maybe there is something I am missing here ?

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Certainly Talidan I will give a complete description of my key configuration and how I use them.


In SA-MP if I press Up/Down at the same time it will turn my character around 180 degrees then I can let go of the up key while still holding down and continue running in that direction which allows me to shoot at targets that are facing my back. The problem is in MTA when I try and do this the character just stops dead still which really messes up the way I play this game.


This is how I position my hand for controlling this way note the index fingers handles all directional key movements and is position so I can press up/down at the same time.

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okay, i think i got what you mean. it is indeed true that the singleplayer behaves slightly different to mtas own bind system. in SP the backwards key has always priority, when both the forwards and backwards key are being pressed the character moves backwards. even if you release and repress forwards now.

in mta no matter which is being pressed first, if both are being pressed the character doesn't move at all, unless you release one of those keys.

you are probably the first person ever who has a reason to care about this. a script could fix this but wouldn't solve your problem because you're probably not playing on your own server. this would need a mta fix or at least a solution to realize this with the bind system

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That is what I figured was going on DarkDragon I just hope the MTA team takes the time to fix it otherwise I have no real interest in this MOD when I certainly would like to play.

This is not a bug to "fix", it is how mta itself works, however this still a sugestion to the mta team look into it.

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yea i hope this will be fixed ASAP, its really annoying to play on these settings and i think it wont be a problem for MTA superb devepolers xD

I just hope the MTA team takes the time to fix it otherwise I have no real interest in this MOD when I certainly would like to play.

:bazooka: SAMP

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