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I dont get the new map editor...


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Sorry if this in the wrong section..

On the old MTA (Race) everything was fine and simple on the map editor, it worked no problem, but now I'm using the new one, on Win 7 64bit, and it has so many problems, I've converted my maps which I made in the race version, and they load up in the new map editor. But they fail to load the spawn points, pickups, etc. But when I re-load it they appear?? Also when I test any map it is fine untill I stop the testing and it goes into a black screen and I can't load anything. I have to restart the editor to load the map again.

Please help..

I also get this error when testing sometimes:



This is ridiculous, I've even re-installed the whole game, I used the disk copy since the steam one wouldn't work properly, downgraded to v1.0 gta_sa.exe, and now I'm still getting the same errors. :evil::evil::evil::evil:

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yes the old editor was simpler... it could only create race maps. now that there are many many modes, the editor had to find a way to support as many modes as possible using edfs, and much more which makes the whole editor more advanced. unfortunately this also makes it hard to fix all possible problems without screwing other modes/parts of the code. and then there are bug reports like this, which don't help much. the main problem is that people don't seem to understand that the editor is now a resource. it uses all the scripting functions you all know, people with outdated resources but up to date mta complain, they don't know whats wrong and so on.

when reporting bugs try to be as specific as possible and include what version you are using. having the most recent version from the resources package is the first step to go

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If you have vista and you've had MTA for a long time, reinstalling MTA won't fix the editor_test resource problem.

To fix that you need to go here:

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\

and delete those resources since they are outdated. You can delete everything there if you want since it won't matter (I had about 1Gb of useless old crap in there), the only downside is all MTA settings will be resetted including your binds :P

Vista uses those obsolete resources in virtualstore instead of the updated resources in the MTA folder. :roll:

BTW, make sure MTA is not running when you delete.

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