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Since we still got an empty MTA server, if you are interested, you can invite your and another clan for private clan war.

It won't cost you money.

The reason why you should choose this server is the anticheat - I can say that it is pretty decent. If you do not believe it, I just started it on a known cheater server (Pycckuu MTA 1.0 CepBep 24/7!), join it to see, you will also see that the minigun cannot damage players since I set it's damage to 0. Except me, ([iNGSOC]BigBadButler), it has no admins online. I also don't plan to make anyone admin in there, so don't ask.

At the moment we are providing Stealth only, if you want ANOTHER gamemode you'll have to ask for it.

The only information we need is:

-Who is going to be admin during the time being?

-What will the admin login password be?

-What will the server password be?

-What damage should the weapons have?

-What range should the weapons have? How accurate shall they be? (Don't worry, you don't have to install any mods! Its just that the server is doing the damage.)

-Time? Date?

-Do you like Muffins and Pies?

-Anything else?

"How many" is not a question, since 128 players are standard.

The only thing you should maybe keep in mind is that special maps and special gamemodes have to be uploaded/downloaded, and also tested, first, so, if you need something special, you have to send it to us.

Latency is not a problem either. Unless you think you can play with 1000 ms or more. Since the damage is server side, a big lag will be a big disadvantage.

The server is located in Finland, connected to a backbone, so if you lag, its your own fault. Ha-ha-ha.

I will not accept pm's on this topic, unless you want to hide, or something. But in this case I wouldn't do a gangwar anyways.

OF COURSE you should pm me any passwords, but I think we have to discuss the clanwar first.

Also: if you are planning a league, you will get the server, you will get the admin access, but the PLANNING has to be done by you.

I will not invite players, I will not ask your girlfriend out for you, none of those.

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