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Vice City is back


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Not many servers out there, and since the ASE died, it's been critical.

I have played MTA:SA since DP2.1 release and really liked the MTA series. Now I tried MTA:VC and I like it, other than the sync troubles).

Hope to see you there.


Port: 2003

Multi Theft Auto 0.5

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Hey there i came from VC:MP and i wanted to see how mta was, so today i downloaded and installed Mta 0.5 and i liked it alot, it has some features that vcmp does not, like spedometer,ramps and other stuff.....if only the mta team didn't abandoned vice city....it would be awsome if they came back with a new release :D

Anyways, im going to try to talk with some more vcmp players to ask them if they want to play mta,because it's such a good mod too bad it was abandoned.....

Until now i only found 2 servers online,but they are always empty :|

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