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I was considering sponsering your project a fair ammount because gta is my favourite game since i was 9. And in my thread "what stage is MTA in" It got locked and i was called an idiot for asking a few simple questions, is that not what forums are for. So until you can prove to me you have some manners kiss your fucken sposnsership goodbye

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  • MTA Team

Suto, i am the webmaster and i called you an idiot and closed it you know why?

U broken one of the most important rules and are asking stupid questions

I was just wondering what stages the project is in and what sort of things people can do and how many people on at a time. Also when you start do you get to pick your characters skin

If you look at the site you will see that we are still in early development of MTA:VC since not all animations are in there are no game modes or anything like that.

If you did a bit of research you would have found out that our servers support up to 32 players and have 50 vehicles.

You would have seen that ppl have different skins but can not choose one

So in game you could hit a 'talk' button and then type some thing and it would pop up on the persons screen or some thing like that

You would also have seen that there is a basic chat function in it

I call you an idiot and i am correctt. Ypui come in here in our forum and ask the most basic questions from which the answers can be easely found and more important : you piss me off

for asking a few simple questions, is that not what forums are for

The forums are here to help people, but our rules clearly state that you have to use the search function first instead of opening a new thread. U did not do that. Our forum has become one big junk because of people like you asking the same questions over and over and over again and i am getting tired of giving the same answers over and over and over again

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Ok well i understand that now. But you could be a bit more friendly no? You have done a great job on your program and people are here to support it and you yell at them? lol. by the way i have put up advertising for your site all over mine and im gunna sponser your project when i can be bothered, lol.

Keep up the good work.

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Blokker is right about the search thing but these forums are far from friendly seems that most the people get on the forums with some anger. i could understand a little anger but hell on these forums its over done. yesterday i made a post not being mean or anything and i get like 10 pm's getting called all sorts of names even names in different language's

but its stuff like that turns people own from such a great project. words can sound totaly different on the internet that is very true but some people here dont look at it that way they are like a ticking bomb! make the smallest mistake expect for a huge explosion:) im sure most you guys visit other forums and see how things work and come back to this one and laugh about how unprofessional it can get at times. hehe i know im gona get a nother 10 pm's for that one:P but this is true. Sutto congrats for sponsering mta it is the best mod after all but if i was the one that wanted to sponser mta you could not pay me to do it and if i did i would have to smash my head on the desk a few times and say WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! :P

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my momma was right, GTA has bad effect on ya ;)

lol jk

way to go blooker :)

u and ur team rock

i have to admit, i don't play it that much, but the whole concept is awesome. I'm just waitin for animations, so i know how to shoot the guy better, and game modes. Than i'll play alot more. and maybe total smoothness.

But still


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I also noticed that these forums were particularly hostile to new players. Of course, I read the FAQ through and always search through topics, but I can understand how some people don't. The best way is to respond "Please read the faq" or something like that in order to not discourage new players from playing. The more players the game has, and in turn the more popularity, the better it will get, I'm sure.

I don't know though, I'm just a newbie and I haven't been here for a long time.

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We understand our hostility, but new players will also have to understand the concept of looking / searching and thinking for themselves first.

Most new players, when a problem arises, don't even consult the FAQ (which just happens to answers almost all issues). They decide to quickly post a bitch in the Forum or come into the IRC channel complaining that this and that does not work.

We just want me to try things for themselves instead of relying on the dev's so much (we are overloaded already). Is that too much to ask?

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From what ive seen they dont bitch or complain they simply ask a few dumb questions. And i dont see why people get so cut because it's easier for some one to post the answer for them then going through old threads and such. But not in the forum bot on the webbies FAQ's there is crap all info, i still dont know if you need broadband or not but i dont wanna ask so ill go and check the FAQ's *cough* tell me *cough* :twisted:

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