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new to this please help getting started

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Well, the "Search" button usually helps...but anyway.

To join games you host (on same PC), all you need to do is load up the MTA:Client and slap in your IP address, and hit connect.

After you connect, all you simply have to do then is load up ViceCity and start a new game, and voila!

To join a game, you'll want to download the "All-Seeing-Eye" (link to it in the Misc. Category in the Download section of this site), then use it to search for games using the MTA.exe I believe...then once you find a game, double-click the game, and that SHOULD load up mta.exe and put the IP\port of that server you selected in the fields in mta.exe, then hit connect, and load ViceCity.

(i only used ASE for MTA for GTA3, never used it yet for VC so I dont know exactly what the diff's are between the two)

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