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GTA VC suggestion

Guest walterkpp7

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It should be possible to make friends, aka let others join you in the car but only your friends, or gang members. You can still hurt each other because thats realistic but still, being able to notice between friends and enemies or unknowns. This would be a great addon to the game!

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Hey walter that would be great,but even better if we could play like story mode with peds and vehicles everywhere,with missions and even saving ability(Great for LAN),and maybe trying to reduce the lag and unhandled exceptions with better code(I know it's not easy),and enable the walking animations,online.And imagine ur passangers,u drive and they shoot from the car in 1st person view,like the chopper missions.

And displaying people's name above their character would help a lot.

Now that wold be great!

In resume,what everyone wants. :lol:

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