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How about standing people (figures) in bars?

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Could it be possible to add just standing people in bars? They wouldn't need to be anyway active but just figures. It would mean much in athmosphere view of point in otherway empty city. And on the other hand - indeed it wouldn't matter if it would lag a bit in bar - it would just add some reality aspects ;)

Heh, I would love to meet my friends in bars there and take couple of beers before going to real one =) - currently those empty rooms aren't too temptating. The world is now also a bit too much masculine, no single woman! I think woman playing character could be also a nice idea or if there is such I haven't seen them yet. I don't like too much sitting in the bar only with guys in village-boys-costumes ;)

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Sure Sims can be fun but maybe not for me. Its social aspects are quite limited after all and very cultural orientated. It isn't eventually too open environment.

I think that's why I like the MTA (and the single player GTA's as well) is especially the open environment which allows player to act creative in the game world and that way let players invent something very own in there. I guess QuakeWorld started such online possibilities for making "stunts" but pure first person shooter games are a bit more focused on the game objectives - in other words that way limited. Having clear game objectives is very good to have but having open space also for having fun and possible inventing very own objectives in there make the game even better :)

That hacking example above (http://wired.com/news/games/0,2101,59034,00.html) and others for example in MUDs are extremity of the open environment - very open for yourself (hacker)! What would be funnier than the game in which you could do what ever you want to - even control other players ;)

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