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Guest Ducino

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I see a lot of "join us" posts, but what i don't see (maybe I didn't read good enough) is WHERE those gangs are located. I'm interested in joining an European gang. So feel free to reply to this post with the location of your gang.

European, American, Australian, Asian, .......

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Ya, its really snowy up here in Canada......IF YOU GO BACK 50,000 YEARS!!!! Now, that was a burn. Truthfully, its 30 degrees Celcius up here and it couldn't be hotter. Btw, about that war of no winners or so they call it, they only call it that cause YOU GUYS WERE THE LOSERS OF IT!!!. History is wrote by the winners, so in our history books, we stand proud and tall. Hey Xerox, go and get them some ice.....FOR THAT BURN!!

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Anyway back to the topic of the thread we have a clan, and the members are mainly in UK feel free to join, webpage in my sig

And we running an australia and new zealand clan within VCS called VCSA

Also VCSNorth America for USA and Canada

going global ;)

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lol at this topic.... why does it really matter??? sure the ping is higher but, but should u really base the decision for what clan u join based on where they live??? find a clan that you like to play with, because odd's are that if youre on at the same time as them then there cant be to bad of a time difference ;-)

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