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saving the game and the map

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ok heres the deal, i dont know if you are or not but i think you should be able to save the game while playing multiplayer like a masifly multiplayer rpg. for example, say you find a sniper riffle and your ontop of a roof and you have a car you realy like in a storag place some were, well you dont want to loos all that so you save the game and when you get back on some time later you still have your sniper riffle, your still on the roof and you still have that nice car in a storage place. and i think the map should be kept the same size and the game modes sound awasom but i dontknow about adding things i think it should be apart of the map if you do.

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hmm a few probs with this, theres no sniper rifle, there are no 'storage places', how do you suggest getting everyone else who was playing back ingame at exactly the same time?

All those work in the single player, so play that ;)

in cs you dont save game, in ut you dont save game, in F1 online you dont save game, juts have fun while u are on the server, and be gratefull everything is back where you expect it next time you play ;)

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it could be done take Ultima online for an example (http://www.runuo.com) they setup that mmorpg to save as much as the admin choosed to or have it on auto save the whole world into a file with account and such. this could be a very neat option to have in vc dont see where a player could choose to save their char with out lagging out the server because once these files get big it can take some time. so an idea is to have it save each 5mins or so and just deal with a 1 second freeze and next time you login you have everything you earned:)

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o and there are storag places like you know in single player when you have a car you like you go to your main base and park it and save the game and its there next time you dip shit. obviosly you dont know what a mmorpg is either.

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Actually i do know what a mmrpg is, having beta'd and payed for a few in my time, i also know that mta is not one, and is unlikely ever to be one.

I am also perfectly aware that there are storage places in SINGLE player GTA3 and Vice City, there are NOT however in mta, and is unlikely ever to be.

So my points stand, and all you have done is shown you level of maturity by attempting to reduce this thread to a flame/personal insult one.

So either try to behave with a little more respect, or find a flame forum for your feeble utterances.

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