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is player connected


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function isPlayerOnline(NAME)
return getPlayerFromName(NAME) ~= false;
if isPlayerOnline("robhol") then
-- ...

That's another way to do it. But you really should make an onPlayerQuit event handler, and destroy all script references to the player and their element, when they quit the game. Otherwise you get memory leaks, etc., and we don't want that, do we? And what were you supposed to use this for? Usually when a request this strange pops up, there's something in a script that can be improved.

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Thanks for your help. I'm converting an old sa-mp business-script to mta (and adding all the bonuses of the new system).

The problem comes when a player leaves the server, because after that you have 5 minutes to come back or else your business will be sold. Also, the other players can't buy that player's business if he's not connected. This system helps players that are dropped from the server for any reason (time-out, crash, etc). Anyways, here's the code:

addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", rootElem, 
	playerMarker[source] = nil
setTimer(sellAllProperties, 300000, 1, source, getPlayerName(source), getPlayerMoney(source)) -- 5 minutes to come back
function sellAllProperties(playerID, pname, pmoney)
local player = getPlayerFromName(pname)
if player ~= false then return end -- if he's still connected then stop
for mark,prop in pairs(properties) do
if prop["owner"] == playerID then
		pmoney = pmoney + prop["price"]*0.5
		prop["owner"] = nil
string.format("money = %d", pmoney), 
string.format("name = '%s'", pname)

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