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More Bikes for the stunters

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Hey There,

In the later versions do you think you can think of a stunt mode. Like so that we can have about 10 bikes..Me and the fellow players..Thargore..We are of the Crew ViceCity Stunt Crew. We love your mod. It made or game play much better. When we all get the PCJ900's and get some ramp trucks and some helis. Its all a great time. Must people that stunt prob. Agree with me..Thanks for your time. I just hope you will think about this. :D


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cause gangs are usually pretty strict and closed.

basically we are just a channel and website for anyone who feels like participating in some stunts and capturing them. no need to apply, fulfill some requirements, or having to be active.

for instance: this afternoon i did some sweet stunting among one person who never played MTA and one person who never even played VC, but it still rocked and got some nice screens out of it.

gangs usually only want to become the best with their elite select group, we just wanna have some fun and make something out of it.

whooops, seems i went a bit overboard with answering that ^^

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There are already 6 pcj and i believe 4 faggio (tho ive yet find all faggio) in the map. Along with at least 2 stunt trucks :)

A BLASTA v VCK live stuntmatch has been in the planning stages for a few days now, should be fun

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Well, no offense, but I saw a clip of it from that video you posted on IRC.. and it seemed all they did were a lot of 360's, and one wheelie... perhaps i got the wrong impression, but it didnt seem that interesting to me..

btw, i think there are enough heli's and such in.. i'd only like 2 more packers, so you can have a double packer jump and double packer landing..

i already saw that the next version will probably have passengers, so then it'll be somewhat easier to collect all the cars around too..

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As stated when i gave you the link in irc to the video taster, it is merely the first few stunts that where given to warlordarchon, made into a video as an example of his editing, the feel the final thing will have. if warlord ever returns hopefully the proper entries can be included.

as for a live stunt match not being interesting, well, i guess it wouldnt be for you as you are in neither gang and would therefore not be invited to the fun :)

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Heres the thing..its not so much as stunts..we free stunt...if you go in to our video forum then you will see that...we like doing things like stunts..but we need more bikes so that we can have 2 packers and then 3 people and each side then a jump. This has come up many times when we play..

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