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Got a website? Sig? wanna save bandwidth?

Try xNetwork IMG Database. a image hosting system i designed


Add image

View DB

Backup DB(Download)

Restore DB(Upload)

Features that may come soon:

Download Image

Image Load Count

The url format works in phpBB (http://images.xilez.net/?usr=urname&img=mysig) but doesnt work in Invision, i will be contacting invision to fix this.

But you can use this service for all your images on ur site and save some bandwidth

also im looking for help on xNet forums.


i need people who know flash/php/html/vc/cpp anyone who can share their knowledge.

And check out theboards for the new forums, such as debate forum, current news, and more

the free email(10mb) is still avaible

come now!!!!


if your a webmaster and is interested in joining the xNetwork, visit


joining it will get your link placed in our Interface directory, as long as you provide a link back, Increase your traffic!!



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