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The Shitload


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Its has been a shitload for me since July 2009

Have you ever been in that postion?

Well, Mine start like this.

I have returned to Jamaica for summer holidays. I was anticipating for this moment. I was playing CnR Crazybobs Cops and robbers Valhalla and Ultimate Global Tours. You know, Being the tard, I rule break, like bull snake. I impersonated Crazybob in CnR and cheated with minigun. Then I moved to impersonating players. The I ban evaded and finally bug abuse. I was rage ban in which i ban evading and get another range ban. I had a hard time getting re-admitted because the players hated me and of the things i have done. In valhalla, i didnt break the rules at all. In Ultimate Global Tours, I introduced my friend Romane Int to it. It is a flight simulator server btw. He was, and still is an online troll. He had only did 5/3000 flights otherwise know as hops. He was eventually banned. It wasn't that bad until he logged in as an admin and got us permanent ban. I got in trouble for something that i didnt do. Being the tard, i ban evaded again, but they could easily found out because I hate Trinidad , My IP and the plane that i was flying. So they put a range ban on my ip. That was the end. I bitched about it on their forums and it didnt help. Back to Cnr. I use a different name, Paralegal to ban evade. As a result , Connection was refused when i want to access the server. So i went to the irc chatroom where i was banned. That was when i discovered mta where i spammed "ho" serveral times (and in other channels) until i was banned, then evaded and got an isp ban. I use a different ip and gain access to it in which im banned. I fooled arc_ in unbanning me (sorry arc_) until i spammed Ho again.

I had built a GTANET and FFSNetwork reputation of spamming and ban evading and trolling. I evaded glines until i was klined in FFSNetwork (woet hates me) and was glined several times in GTANet. So People like lobbyz started to ban me from channels. It wasnt until mid sept-oct where in ban evaded #mta. In which i apologized to arc_ and he removed my ban. Thigs were smooth in #mta until Peter Glined me. I evaded with different names and troll. When My gline expried, i was isped banned.(i went back to us on august). SO i ventured in other channels making more enemies and hardly friends. I was badly wanting an unban from cnr which i pm regulars and admins until it was rumored that i will not get unbanned. I was banned from LVP server, forums and irc because 2 admins hated me.

So, with the help of some cnr friends and gtanet ppl, i am making little improvements in which i am growing everyday, I will be readmitted in communties and be a changed person

With Respect


P.S: i wanted to share this with you where you know where i am coming from

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Cool story, bro.

If you think it'll compensate for months of solid trolling, ban evasion, cheating, flaming, spamming, more trolling, being a troll and finally, let's not forget TROLLING, you're probably wrong.

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lol abandon hope if you want ever get back in that server :S

WallMart please look at date of last message before posting, you've just bumped a 2 months old topic without contributing anything useful to it.

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