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Requesting Help From The Community


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Please note: This is not a discussion topic.

Hey guys! SugarD-x here. This thread is a call out to the community for any help they would be willing to provide. I'm asking for any and all users that play, use, and/or have MTA 0.5 on their system please go ahead and run it and load it up in GTA 3. Play for a bit...even if it's on your own "localhost/" connection. I'm looking for users that are willing to post any and all bugs they find in it. Please note, this is not for the VC half of MTA 0.5 - GTA 3 half only please. The idea here is to have the community help us report all unlisted bugs in the GTA 3 part. I, myself, as well as others will also be doing this, but I thought it'd be a great idea to have the rest of the community join in and help too. This idea also gets more unique environments testing it, and helps out alot more than just a small group working on it. If you find a bug, please give as much detailed information about it as you can, including how it happened, where it happened, the skin you were using, the island you were on, vehicles and/or buildings involved, etc. so that I can try to recreate it. If it appears to happen at random and you cannot recreate it using the method you originally found it from, please let me know as well. Just go ahead and reply to the topic here with your information. Thanks again!

Already known issues: http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=11098

P.S. This is ONLY for the 0.5 version of MTA, running GTA 3. No other versions or Vice City-only bugs please!

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Considering that MTA3 is the only multiplayer mod for GTA3 currently released, I'll consider updating it as I did with VC. Assuming an update will be released for the 0.5 client, fixing the server browser (among some other things perhaps), then an update for MTA3 would be welcome as well. I have never played MTA3 however, and I know nothing whatsoever of any bugs, issues, quirks or what-have-you, so the only thing I can do for now is optimize code.

Coding for the MTA3 SCMs will be significantly slower (the actual work, hopefully not the release!) since I must use a different IDE that I'm used to and compile stuff via command line (pain in the ass), plus there are three SCMs (one for each island) compared to two for VC (DM and Stunt, and they are similar enough that I am pretty much able to just copy and paste things).

I've heard that MTA3 is more complete than MTA:VC when it comes to features and sync, so there probably wouldn't be many features for me to add, but I can always improve them I guess.

So anyway, please post some information if you've got some.

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