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IP Address Resolving

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When starting a Win32 server and specifying the port which is being re-directed to my machine (27015... And for ASE 27138). The server is not listed on All Seeing Eye.. Now I have tried opening other ports and a few other idea's, however to no avail.

I think that the problem lies with the server resolving it's own IP address... I think that the server (As you can't SET the IP on which to host the server, this is merly a guess) is hosting on the LAN IP address (192.168.x.x), NOT the internet IP address (eg. 217.168.x.x).. Which would cause this effect.

However, is there any way in which to test tis theory? Is anyone experiencing the same problem? If so have they managed to resolve it in any way??

P.S. Sorry mod's. for not putting this thread in the bug's.. Its locked and I thought no-one would bother reading it at the end of a 5+ page thread!

Thanks a lot,

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Hmm, interesting problem.

There is currently no way of "setting" the ip that the Server will listen on, and yes potentially what you are saying is a problem.

Can anyone actually connect to your server from an outside connection?

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no, ase resolves the ip when the server intiializes (the server sends a packet to ASE telling it taht its a public server).... its something with your port forwarding...

I have often not seen my own server on ASE, but still had people connect, your server may just not be as popular as others :-P

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