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im 100% against it.

its "stealing" - claming somebodys work as own. as you know making car model is a lot of work.

and too much of them are in community. its few lines of code to replace car. and theres thousands of models around the net. it's better to download them somewhere, take a good choice and upload to server. and in community its annoying, when you want to find a script.

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the difference is that the original creators offered their work for free and for everyone to use.

But not for everyone to repost 3409742234 times while claiming it as their own...

like anyone would think the people who upload them there made the models. yeah it's actually sad for the ones who really created the models themselves.

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I d'ont understand people who put custom cars in gamemode and the car come from gta mod web site, me when I want to put a custom car in a server I just download it on a gta mod web site, creat the script to put it in MTA (import texture , replace model ... ) and thats it. We want good MTA resource not mod come from other :x

off topic (if I can say it) :

suggestion : for the resource example map, in future we have more and more maps, so its could be nice if some guys put section for type of maps like ( custom maps section , stadium maps section , DD maps section ... )

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community is becoming advertising and pirating zone, WTF?

http://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources ... ils&id=847

empty script, this resource was uploaded just to advertise the server!!!!!! (as author said in comments)

http://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources ... ils&id=846

just copy of another script (this guy: wappie1992 should be banned.. hes only advertising)

http://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources ... ils&id=843

this guy should also be banned: El__ (this is he's 3rd or 4th resource like that)

"I put in a piece of work" -- in copying few lines to replace car and putting models/textures in folder? ;/


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