Race Server Not Changing Maps Correctly

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Do any of you guys have any idea what would cause a race server to screw up when cycling maps? If I restart the server, it'll play one map fine. Then it will play one of two maps, then the other. It'll only play those two maps unless I restart the race resource or restart the server.

If I turn random maps off, the same choices will be in the map vote selection for every map vote.

If I delete the two maps, it'll pick two different maps, but do the same thing.

Our server was running just fine yesterday. Then today it started doing this.

As far as I know, nothing has changed in the setup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You can get an updated votemanager from the community site.

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i have exactly the same problem in my server

today i updated to r460 but no changes, already restarted the server but no changes, cleared resourcecache but no changes

hope you can help me

(server is running on

windows server 2000)

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> i removed something out of racevoting_server.lua

Tell please what exactly You have removed from racevoting_server.lua?

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I would guess he removed a math.randomseed line - there was a bug with it that large enough numbers would not work properly.

This has already been fixed, in race, votemanager, and the randomseed function was fixed for the 1.0.1 release. ( )

Update your server.

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I had to remove that randomseed line about a week ago.

It started doing it again. But removing that line fixed it.

On a side note, I had to also do a complete reinstall (removing all previous versions) to get our map editor server to work right.

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