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MTA on xbox


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My thought is that it doesn't make any sense, really.

Why would you want MTA on an XBox if I may ask? Auto-aim would kind of ruin the point of aiming and it's kind of hard to chat with having only a controller or a controller+keyboard. (if you're only using a keyboard, you might as well use the PC anyway)

Not even to mention scripting would be a lot harder, and can you actually mod games on consoles?

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because i know alot of people still use linux on xbox which usually means they have a keyboard setup for chat anyway

i have a debug and developer xbox setup here that i use for developing it wouldnt be hard

the only problem you would run into is xbox but like i said alot of people use linux and usually bypass live to gain access to the net

like i said its only an idea

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To be honest, this sounds ridiculously far-fetched. MTA is for PCs running Windows, not consoles running OSes they're not intended to. And as Gamesnert said, the control/UI issues themselves would create a lot of trouble. Besides from that, it'd take ridiculous amounts of work getting it to run on a linux system running somewhere it's not, strictly speaking, supposed to. XBox is also quite outdated by now, and I imagine its popularity is falling at a steady rate.

Play the PC version and be happy. ;)

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i know its just there are more people still on the xbox modding scene then you think

i have a bit of time at the moment and a developer xbox sat there waiting for its next project

i appreciate the feedback and will still continue playing MTA on my pc

.........i might just make an MTA xbox server that sounds more practical

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