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Moderator GUI

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hey all,i need help on a script please,can you help me with finish this script ?

script removed

its Moderator GUI

at my server there is admins and there is moderators and moderators have admin rights

because that i need this script to make him moderators some commands like this

/slapp <100>



when you finish it send it to me




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Do you know something?

That script looks very familliar...

Oh wait that's because it's MY moderator gui. I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't STEAL MY client scripts...

Wow, to steal it is one thing, but to post it on a forum of scripters?

Damn you are a fool.

Oh and also you missed a bit from the top...

--//// This script may not be shared under any circumstance's ////--
--//// More info can be found on [url=][/url] ////--
--//// Copyrights ©DKR ////--

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Respect other people's work. Just because they've released it, it doesn't make it yours - attribute scripts to their authors at the very least.

Also, don't paste huge scripts here with pointless reqests.

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