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Stunts parks

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I say don't install any thing that will change your game

MTA needs clean install of VC in all computers playing the server so if one player is getting in changes it can crush himself and other players.

But this shouldn't cause a problem if all the players have the same maps installed. You should probably make sure the name of the server includes info about the mod used.

Anyway, shameless plug for my Sunshine Stunt Set, available from my site - http://www.petebog.com :


There's plenty of other stunt parks out there, just have a search round the GTA mod sites, VCMM have a few as well.

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:arrowup: is a n00b that hasn't seen keva's avatar yet :lol:

Stop calling people Noob Mad Boy..................

When seeing what kind of post you've maded before, they can call you too a noob!

Do you want to be called asshole by all noob? no? so shut up with that! lol

YA IM A NOOB TOO IN VC MTA :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

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