MTA 1.0 In-game browser.

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Weirdly enough, there arn't any commands for connecting to the websites through mta sa. Forget that, there arn't even any TCP/UDP socket controls in the client-side and you cannot use dll's clientside.

The only option left is to use the server as a proxy, but that would need to be a server with a powerful internet

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And why would you want that?

It's a significant security risk giving clients access to sockets, the same with DLLs. Other client-side technologies (e.g. websites, Flash, Java) have the same restrictions for the same reasons. Frustrating as it may be...

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I know eAi, thats why i would like atleast some sort of tcp/udp implementation. It would require alot of code to download even a file so its relatively safe, besides execute file isn't on client side. I would just want some sort of implementation for mta sa. I would like users to have the ability to visit my website, but not as proxy through the server.

Also xfire in-game browser does work, but not everyone has it and therefore not everyone can visit my website. It would get users killed anyways :P

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But you can't render your website in-game, so what use is TCP/IP for that? We couldn't securely allow sockets client-side to access anything other than the server that the player is connected to, this is the same restriction that Java, Flash and AJAX have. If you could access arbitrary sockets, you could steal or delete data from the player's network, hack their router, DDOS people, etc, etc. You may have perfectly innocent uses for it (and I agree it'd be nice), but it's not practical.

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