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MTA:SA 1.0 Release date announced


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Well, they aren't going to know if you don't tell them. Tell your friends, tell other forums you're members of etc, use twitter, facebook, myspace(!), whatever...

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My little suggestion.

You have developed it 5 years, so this is a big event. I suggest having a splash screen as the first page on mtasa.com, where is nothing else than big announcement of release of 1.0 with download etc and link to continue to the site if wanted.

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Thought I'd drop by to see how the guys are doing, and whaddaya know? It's out!

Good job guys, going to be an interesting release as well since gta4 mp is a bit heavy for most current machines.

I hope this project gets the attention it rightfully deserves! Again, well done.

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I think this is by far the best version yet since the old days of VC, I believe the team deserves more recognition for their efforts and I, along many others, look forward to seeing what happens in the near future.

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