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I take it all back from what i said in IRC about how MTA sux


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Please, i take back all that i said on #mta about all the things, like "MTA is the worst mod, it doesn't even work!" and "you promised a release date! well, where is it!". I especialy apologize to TermNL and the rest of the MTA crew i yelled at. Thank you for making GTA multiplayer a reality. My thank yous and congrats go to you. I can even play this on a LAN. And this doesn't need to wait like 20 minutes to connect to a server (not connect, but have MTA to start). Thank you, we all love what you guys have done. If you guys don't remember me Bit**ing at you for the bad stuff and everything, then all i have to say is WOW. How could you forgwet that. I see that this is getting a little long so i'll make a long story short to sum it up. You guys ROCK.

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