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GUI Spawn Menu

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Can't you make the window larger or whatever you use? Window has specific size, you can make it larger or smaller (guiSetSize). When creating new window you specify how big the window should be (guiCreateWindow).

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As I know which spawn menu you have, I agree you could do with something else. For example you don't have to put huge buttons for each class, but use a gridlist and one spawn button. Or a tab panel which have all the classes as tabs or whatever, there are limitless ways to design a spawn menu so that it wouldn't take much room.

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Or what i did for my Taxi Menu lol,

A simple edit box and a button, when you press that button the script gets the text from the box and searches if its in the script for a spawn.

Thats pure simplyness(thats not even a real word ^^)

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