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RPG Option

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Purchase land and or building in Vice city, the option to work in a building I mean you wouldn't actually do much more than the "mining" button for most rpg ,

The option to rob such place, the option to work for the police, the option to be a cop on the take (aka bribes), the option to be a hooker (????)

Everything GTA offers, we put it in real time.

The option to be an actual MTA DJ on an MTA server, Please don't gun it down as "can't be done" but understand it as "can't be done with what is currently known." because well.. anything can be done, and well I am willing to pay for the server. max I could afford is about 300 people 24-7 . anyone else willing to split that bill to increase the capacity ?

I mean if that's the major limitation, then we need to not make that the big issue. Even if it means you paying for it and renting out the server slots, so you aren't making money on gta it's self but your bandwidth.

Grand Theft World.

Take it to III take it to vc take it to SA .


Wanna vote on it?

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Just a quick note, the current max player limit on one server is 128...

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