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this mod is great. Can this mod be played on a LAN game¿?¿?

Guest nefes

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This mod is extremely good!!!!!!

i want to play this mod in LAN GAME. is this posible?¿?¿?? and if it's posible...... can you tell me how to make a LAN GAME..

bye!!! thanks!!

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Hey dude. I have played this game on a LAN. All you have to do is make a server. But, make sure that one of you connects to the real IP (the person not making the server) and the other conects to the LAN IP. Works for me :D . Only thing ive had work.

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and remember to turn off the option to list the game in ASE.

(the option might not be there in MTA:VC... Haven't had a chance to test it out. It was in 0.3b, so I'm just guessing it's in MTA:VC)

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