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You have a Wiimote and bluetooth? You should read this


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I have bougth a Bluetooth adapter for my PC. This is for traspass some photos from my Nokia 2630 cellphone to my computer. Well, a friend told me that with bluetooth and a wiimote i can use it for moving the mouse pointer, controlling the winamp, etc...... Searching videos of the wiimote on GTA (all fakes), i thinking that in MTA would be possible with the joystick function. And it's works!!!!!!

If you have bluetooth and a wiimote, you need to download the following programs (search it on google)




With bluesoleil installed, we need to find the device (in that case, the wiimote). To find it, press the bottons 1 and 2 of the wiimote, next in bluesoleil, double click in "bluetooth sites" and finally in "search devices". This will appear how Nintendo RVL-CNT-01.

With the wiimote detected, you have to open Glovepie. Go to file, open, WiimoteScripts, and you can experiment a while with the scripts, such play zelda, mario kart, need for speed, etc.....

Now, to play with the wiimote in MTA, you need to open the Steering Wheel script, and follow the instructions (also, you need the program PPJoy).

A bug that i found. When i open MTA, i go to settings but the game detect the Wiimote itself, and not the parralel port from PPjoy (if you go to control panel, joysticks, you will se the wiimote and ppjoy installed). To fix it, first you need to open MTA in windowed mode, next go to settings, controls, if you see the parralel port detected, minimize the MTA, detect the wiimote with bluetooth, open glovepie and run the script. Finally configure the buttons and the axis.

This method to play MTA with the wiimote it's only for control the car, but if you are programmer, you can configure to play with the Nunchuck and get a new experience to play.

Next time i will put photos, maybe a video.

See ya, and long life to MTA.

Note: I play Live For Speed with the wiimote, is like to take your childrens to the school, only that 150 km/h

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