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Castle Invaders

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This map was the other map that took me probably 250 hours to complete. It is pretty huge. Spans from a big boat + airport base . to an island, which includes a forest, cave, castle and a chinese garden. Suited for Assault type maps, but anything will be good.

Basically there is a big boat base with an onwater airport + boat carrier, the team then drives North to the island and beaches. goes all up the forest until they are at a building, They then go down a big cave, for a while all down underground until they make it to a really dark large space with fire rocks, a big bright castle and a chinese garden, which is where the other base is located.

Heres a youtube video.

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I remember that map, had a lot of fun exploring it. It's the perfect place for an assault map.

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awesome! hehehe

when was it you explored it?! mustve been aggges back, ive changed it SO much now ;o. i need help scriptign that bloody ship though xD.

but im glad you liked it :)

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