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2 way. Amazon vs City


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Ok, here is a map i have spent probably about 200 hours on making, at least. Ive put alot of detail and effort into it.

Basically its a Women Vs Men, amazon Vs city map.

One side is a forest with tree's and huts in the tree's, with a base. The other side contains a huge city, multi levels and places you can go in.

There is a big escalator connecting both the places the whole way through, which you can see in the video. you dont have to go along it, but its rather cool and keeps you safe as its harder to shoot you on it since people below you will have to have good aim. there is a cave connecting both bases/areas with another cave within in, also containing a hut.

I have uploaded a video for you all, its 9 minutes, but it shows you most of what the map contains, not all, but it is big, i suggest watching it all.... but if you cant, start at 7min. cos thats when its nighttime and most pretty. And here are a few screens.



youtube video here.


I have 9 more other maps which ill show here in time :D

love it or die :D!

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ahhh so your GTAMultiplayers1! ive seen your videos on youtube, they are amazing *o*.

ye thats me, thanks :P

oh and thanks for subscription ;D.

you're welcome.


I have 9 more other maps which ill show here in time

can't wait to see them. =)

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