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WTF Happened!!!!

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ok, listen up. this is what happened to me. I grabbed the semi and went to the bloodring. It said i was in the bloodring but it didnt transport me. This is what happened because of it.


HEHE, a tiny glicht to fix MTA team. The semi cant really go into the Bloodring derby. :!:

[edit] works now :D

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must be a magic trick...

This is no magic trick my friend. Tis but a tiny glitch that needs to be fixed in MTA. The semi just doesn't go into the derby real easily. So some things

just didn't turn out right. Sorry, no trainers, no cheats, nothing but a pure glitch here.

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Well i got myself a cool glitch 2 ya know. Somehow I ended up at the roof of the building next to the starting grid. There are alot of people/bots-like skins up there. I took a screenie but I dont really know how to place it in.

I just try it anyway. :P


(I think this will work)

At least I hope it works. I await your replies..... :wink:

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